March 28, 2008 at 5:40 pm (Emo/Scene Songs s.a: THE USED, mayday parade, etc.)

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t let me write this tab.. why? Well don’t ask me.., sorry, anyway. This tab was written and i had a cause of it  being damaged and all that crap, and i made up the tabs on here at and this isn’t gonna be stopped. So I bring you a new website: UltimateGuitar… coming into my broken posts, NO NO NO NOTES4U IS NOT GOING TO BE SHUT DOWN.. NEVER, But some tabs will cause problems of such… so i looked at UltimateGuitar tabs.. it seemed cool so I checked one and other white stripes blue orchid tabs and i found a simular clone… Here you go, Evzii:

So you got the link… play hard little dudes



kk bye.


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