Seven Nation Army: BASS TABS – BeginneR :]

March 13, 2008 at 7:51 am (New Rock)

Bassically, this song is a repeated riff on here, bit in the chorus, it has the verse’s riff, and then another riff. So i’m just gonna guide you through the song and tell what riff’s they are.

Im not being stupid for you, it’s just this was the perfect song to start me off and that’s what i’ll do for these beginners.






And that goes on 13 Times: So strait after that when the guitar picks 2 lines of chords you back it up like this on any string: (if you can sweep pick yet)


Or you can either do on any string:


If you cant sweep pick.

And strait away you play the ‘Main Riff’ which is the riff in the introduction and then the riff i was talking about which is just the main riff but dont play the note at the end, just go from the 3rd fret QUICKLY, to the 5th, 3rd then 2nd.

If you don’t know what i’m on about here’s tabs below:


So that’s the song, it is on guitar but i worked out some basic notes for you to play on bass: A PERFECT begginner song… well, the solo.. it’s just the two main riffs, rock on :]                                                             -Evzii


  Heres the song to play along with it:


  And check out my YouTube profile at:


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